Sweet, quiet, hopeful to not be overlooked. This sweet woman was sitting on a chair in the corner of a Gugarat, India, museum, there to represent her tribe and share their dress and art. She wasn't extroverted, but was happy to engage in sharing if you approached her. I wondered how bored she must be when no one was visiting the museum, was she paid a proper wage for her time, did she have to travel back and forth from her village, or was she living local and only donning her native clothing because it was a job. I loved her happy pride in sharing with me the art she created with her hands.  She was between the Kaachi Rabari and Bhill displays, but I'm not knowledgeable enough about the local tribes to know which she was representing (alhough with her tattoos and scarf, I believe she is a Kaachi Rabari woman).

Gugarati Tribal Artist 2

* Sweet
* Quiet
* Hopeful
* Happily Sharing
* Proud of Creative Expression