Do we enter the world whole and pure, or are we altered by our environment even before that first breath? Genetics, emotional wellbeing of the mother, prenatal nutrition, and maybe even past life karma are possibly all there altering us before birth. I don't know if I was born whole and altered by external circumstances and trauma, or if I entered this world not quite complete. Somehow, from an early age (two years old is my first solid memory),  I became an observer of others, feeling their emotions and intently keen on getting to understand them. All the while, I was never seeing and knowing my self. This topic, of not knowing myself, has repeatedly come up for me through Jungian analysis.

In the field of psychology, it's known that we can more easily see the flaws in others than we can see in ourselves. What we detest about others is truly something within our own selves that we dislike; we are blind to seeing our own traits. Lately I began realizing that it can also be true about the things we love in others; what we are drawn to outside of ourselves can possibly be aspects of our own natures that we have not recognized and accepted. With that in mind, I decided to randomly click through my digital photo albums to find images of people I have captured over the years. I love people. Sometimes there are connections with others that I don't understand...I'm drawn to them...I see and feel immense beauty. It's not a physical beauty, per se (but that is often there, as well), but an essence of beauty, an essence of pure love, a vibrational energy that draws me in and connects me with others. At times I snap pictures, to immortalize that connection.

So that brings me to here, with this Beautiful People project I've started. My hope is that by revisiting these connections with others, by feeling and experiencing whatever it was that drew me to them, I will begin to see myself. I will begin to know myself.