Instant mutual vibration, back and forth. Open hearts, pure love. Recognizing the divine in each named me Kamala, I called you Mommy and sometimes Naani. We spent a lifetime together in only a couple of weeks. Love can be whole, complete like that.

I met Mommy/Naani at Leela's ashram (Leela Mata Ashram in Sligo, PA). We spent about two weeks together, mostly sitting in rocking chairs on the enclosed front porch of the ashram, looking out the windows at the beautiful trees. Although we spoke different languages, we still shared so much in that short amount of time. She was like a little child, in an elder's body, sharing stories of her younger days with me. She was happy and active as a child, and to this day she still had a steady yoga practice and tended the ashram garden. I was knitting an intricate pattern on a scarf for my father-in-law and she marveled at my progress every day. We smiled at each other, mostly, no words necessary as we both had the same ability to give and receive love...back and forth, back and forth, elated by the feeling we could bring about together for each other. Blilssful love energy...shared with a childlike playful happiness. She was an open-hearted mother, loving and caring and joyful, giving to me unconditional love.

* Childlike, Playful Happiness
* Blissful Love Energy
* Mutually Sharing Love
* Open-Hearted
* Motherly, Loving, Caring
* Joyful
* Unconditional Love


leela mata ashram 3

leela mata ashram 2