I see you, dapper man, enjoying the beauty of nature. You are beauty, you are love.

In early January, 2011, I was at the Portland Japanese Garden and saw this lovely, dapper man. He was walking quietly by himself. He had a loving energy, connected to nature, but also I felt a bit of sorrow in him. He was unique compared to others there...dressed sharply with beautiful long hair. I approached and told him I found him to be very lovely and wondered if he wouldn't mind me taking a picture of him. He agreed, but then as I was taking the picture, I sensed he became very self conscious and uncomfortable. I kindly thanked him for the picture and we parted as quickly as we had met.

* Quiet
* Loving Energy
* Connected to Nature
* Sorrow Inside
* Unique
* Sharply Dressed
* Beautiful Long Hair
* Self-Conscious and Uncomfortable