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Anyone who knows me, or knows of the Pure Jeevan site I created many years ago, understands how passionate I am about health and natural living. A key part of staying healthy, vibrant, and energetic is eating a natural diet. The WorldArtGypsy (Gypsy Ardor) site is about travel and art, but healthy living and eating is a key part of this site, also, because without a strong foundattion rooted in whole foods, I'd never have the energy to travel and learn about art all over the world!

When I found out there was a museum dedicated to the history of medicine, I was thrilled! I knew it would highlight natural could it not?! Plants were our first healers! For me, they're still my first choice for any illnesses I, or my friends or family, may develop. I knew it would be the first museum I searched out, and there it was...right near my first apartment!